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Traceability and part identification are critical aspects of the manufacture of aerospace & defense components through the design, manufacturing and service of such products. As the leading source for Aerospace & Defense Part Marking, and with over 40 years of experience serving the industry, Caliber Engraving offers the most diverse range of Part Marking technologies for product traceability in compliance with all industry specs. Our experience in processing part marking orders in compliance with required industry specs has proven to simplify and expedite the process for our customers. Our team is experienced in a variety of marking methods including laser marking & deep engraving, CNC rotary engraving, electro chemical etching and computer controlled dot peen marking, ranging from volume production orders to short run projects. Our team is familiar with industry specs and ready to assist with carrying out your project in an expedited manner.

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Required by the Department of Defense, IUID is a new globally unique "part identifier" containing data elements used to track DoD parts through their life cycle. IUID Data is encoded into Data MatrixTM symbols that are applied to parts using Direct Part Marking processes (DPM). The DoD has moved to this transformation technology to facilitate electronic data capture and transmission. Because the data matrix is machine-readable, IUID marking greatly reduces human error and improves the accuracy of inventory and acquisition records.

IUID of items is accomplished by marking each qualifying item with a permanent 2-dimensional data matrix. The data matrix is encoded with the data elements necessary to construct a Unique Item Identifier (UII) which is globally unique and unambiguous. The data elements required to form a UII include the manufacturer's identification (i.e. cage code) and the item's serial number. If the manufacturer serializes within part number, that data element will also be encoded.The UIIs are stored in comprehensive registries which will allow easy access to information such as acquisition cost and life-cycle data. The registries will be maintained by the Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS).
Every IUID delivery includes the required data elements describing the end item and the "pedigree" of embedded items. This data is captured during the acceptance process via the Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) application, or after acceptance via direct data submission. Items marked with IUIDs accelerate the receipt and acceptance process, allowing DoD to submit payment to its vendors in a timely fashion, thereby saving on late charges.

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