Laser Marking

Laser Marking, Marked Laser Laser Marking

Offering the most economical & advanced methods of permanent marking

Caliber Engraving offers the latest in Laser Marking technology, delivering the highest level of image quality in the permanent marking and branding of products nationwide. From bar code & serial marking for product traceability to detailed logo branding, Caliber Engraving continues to be the industries number one choice for nearly 4 decades. Our Laser Marking operation is supported by a variety of laser systems, including C02, YAG and Fiber lasers, which enable us to deliver the most detailed, quality markings on nearly any material. Whether your application involves large volume production, or just a handful of components, we are organized to accommodate your project with un-matched results. Contact us today to discuss your specific marking application, and our staff will assist in guiding you through the process.

Laser Marking, also known as Laser Etching, is a contact free method of permanently marking products with a high degree of speed, detail and clarity. The markings produced by Caliber Engravings laser marking methods are generally abrasion resistant, and result in a high degree of contrast against the targeted surface. The laser marking method involves the use of a laser beam rapidly passing across the surface of the desired image, vaporizing (blasting away) microscopic fragments of material, creating an attractive detailed image in a variety of materials. The laser beam can be used to remove a skin of material such as plating or anodizing, revealing the substrate material and in some cases a high contrasted mark Depending on the material being marked and the desired final result. The laser beam can be controlled to permanently change the color of the material and avoid removing any material in the process. Laser Marking is typically the process of choice for product marking & branding applications where a contrasting mark with little to no depth, is desired. The degree of contrast and appearance of the markings largely depend on the material being marked, surface treatment, and other factors. Caliber offers a variety of Marking Options to choose from.

Graphic Images
Micro Details (from .005”)
Incremental Numbering
Bar Coding
IUID 2-D matrix coding
Radial Circumference Marking
3-D contoured surfaces